The administrative structure of the Polytechnic is broken down for ease of administration of the Institution as follows:

The Moderator: The Moderator of the Polytechnic is the Governor of Ogun State who is also the Proprietor of the Polytechnic.

The Governing Council: It is the highest policy making body of the Polytechnic which is responsible for the general management of the Polytechnic, most especially, in control of the properties and finances of the Polytechnic. The Governing Council also reserves the power to appoint, promote, dismiss, terminate or suspend any staff from office.

The Rector: The Rector is the apex of the Administrative and academic organisation of the Polytechnic. All the units under the Rector range from the immediate supporting Administrative and Secretarial staff, the Deputy Rector’s office, the Internal Audit, the Directorate of Students’ Affairs, Public Relations Unit, Academic Planning unit and Works and Physical Planning unit having their distinct and peculiar functions, which are meant to assist the Rectory Department.

The Registrar: The Registrar is the head of the Registry which is responsible for the administrative matters of the Polytechnic. It is regarded as the engine room of the Institution and a pivot which all the Institutional activities revolve. The Registrar is being assisted by Administrative staff in the Registry; the Executive, Secretarial and Clerical Cadres. He is responsible to the Rector for the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Polytechnic.

The Bursar: The Bursar is the head of the Bursary, which is in charge of all financial activities of the Polytechnic. The Bursar also serves as the financial adviser to the Polytechnic management. The Bursary also has units under it for effective coordination of the financial activities of the Institution. He is responsible to the Rector for the day-to-day administration of the financial affairs of the Polytechnic.

The Librarian: The Polytechnic Librarian is the head of the Polytechnic Library. The Librarian is responsible to the Rector for the administration of the Library and the coordination of the library services of the Polytechnic. The Librarian facilitates students’ learning by providing assistance on how to use the Library database to find soft and hardcopy materials for academic purposes. He/She also helps the academic staff of the Polytechnic to access materials for use in the classes. Also, the Librarian is responsible for storing and preserving artifacts and books for future usage.


The Polytechnic since its re-establishment in 2005 till date has had three Rectors. The Pioneer Rector of the Polytechnic was Prof. Tayo Odumosu.

Prof. Tayo Odumosu is a Professor of Urban and Regional Planning. He served the Polytechnic as the Rector between 2006 and 2010 with land-mark achievements.

Engr. Ibikunle Banjo was the second Rector of the Polytechnic. He is an Engineer and served as the Rector of the Polytechnic between 2010 and 2014.

The third and current Rector of the Polytechnic is Prof. J. B. Bilesanmi-Awoderu. She is a Professor of Science Education from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye. She assumed office as the Rector of the Polytechnic in July 2014 and she is making waves with a lot of academic achievements, staff and infrastructural developments.