Brief History of the University.

During the second Republic,1979 to 1983, the government of late Chief Olabisi Onabanjo tried establishing this Polytechnic. Then, some notable sons of Ijebu-Igbo, who were very close to the Governor, late Chief Bisi Onabanjo – late Chief Ashafa Akinola Daramaja, the then Attorney-General of Ogun State and Prince Amos Agbolade Banjo, a notable politician amongst others, got the government into passing into law the establishment of ‘The Polytechnic, Ijebu Igbo ’ which took off from the Technical College site, that had previously been established by the Military government of late Brigadier Tunde Eghagha.

However, ‘The Polytechnic Ijebu Igbo’ got ''killed'' by the then subsequent Military Government of Col. Oladipo Diya, about a year and a half later after the coup spearheaded by Generals Idiadgbon and Buhari.


It occupies the largest expanse of land in Ogun State, bordered by three States – Oyo, Osun and Ondo. History has it that Ijebu-Igbo was founded in 1430. Discernible to most people, she is made of five contiguous towns – Oke Sopen, Ojowo, Atikori, Oke Agbo and Japara. However, she also has some other adjoining towns and villages within her fold – Asigidi, Agunboye, Odo-Alamo, Aparaki, Imope, Abeku, Aiyesan, Owonowen, Ganringan, Dagbolu, Apoje, and others.

Indigenes of the town developed special interest in education – though late – after the un-dignifying treatment meted to late Orimolusi, late Oba Abraham Adesemowo – the last non-educated Orimolusi – at Ijebu Ode on February 17, 1942.

They have at all times since then, demonstrated their love for education, especially with this practical feat – the push for the establishment of this Polytechnic. It is therefore feral to expect AAP to take the lead in educational development – both physical and in personnel.

This Polytechnic, occupies a landed area of 300 hectares, and located at the North-western side of Ijebu-Igbo, on the rolling hills of Atikori. Three hills exist with valleys and rivers in between within the campus, and the Polytechnic is bounded by another town – Ojowo, in Ijebu-Igbo. This location experiences subtropical climatic condition with two seasons – dry season between November and April as well as the rainy season between April and October, and this influenced the semester nomenclature – Dry and Rainy semesters